The effective running of the college leans on our most efficient, professional and highly credible administrative staff

The College Structure


  • The ZCA Monze Administration is well organized to function in the most efficient, effective and apply the best practices known in the current inductry;
  • The Principal's Office handles all corporate affairs of the college - he represents the college to the district and national offices, he has the say of what is going on at the college and holds the ultimate responsibility for order. This is handled by Mr. Mwansa E. Misumbi (Qualifications)
  • The Vice Principal's Office is actually in charge of the college and all its facilities. He ensures that the plans and deliberations agreed upon by the principal and the entire top management, board, district and national offices are being executed. He reports directly to the Principal. This office is well handled by Mr. Likando (Qualifications)
  • Top Management is comprised of the following Offices;
  •  The Accountant, The Procurement Officers, The Registrar, The Head of Departments: Animal Science, Crop Science, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Business Management & Rural Development; further facilities such as the commercial facilities are handled by The Farm and CICE Managers

The administration manages a wide span of activities at the college premises, some of which are, though not limited to;


ZCA Monze  has a comprehensive and well packaged training program, designed to ensure the apprentices leave the college as the creame of the industry, needing no further supervision while attending to any industry. The following is the package;

  • Diploma in General Agriculture - Covers the main sects of any agricultural needs in the agricultural industry - Covering from Animal Science, Crop Science, Agricultural Engineering, Agric Business Management and Rural Development
  • Certificate in Agriculture - Is the beginner level of the Diploma in agriculture, covering the same programmes but at a beginner level
  • ZCA Short Courses include - Animal Production, Crop Production, Farm Management, Agro Forestry, Engineering and Rural Development
  • ZCA Outreach Programmes include the following - Student Attachment, Consultancy Services, Research and Development, Extension Training Linkages

for more details on the ZCA programmes please click here to go to Programmes 


ZCA operates the following commercial services 

  1. The ZCA Milling Plant - One of Monze's hub (as well as surrounding areas) for Feed Milling is the ZCA Feed Milling Plant, producing high quality livestock feed
  2. Service Workshop - Repairs and maintenance of vehicles and farm machinery as well as small tool manufucture and repairs
  3. ZCA Farm - Crop Production, Animal Production, Dipping Facilities for both college livestock and local farmers, Laboratory for practical training
  4. Centre for In-Service and Continuing Education (CICE) - Offers the following; Tailor-made courses, accomodation, catering facilities, consultancy services and seminar facilities

For more details on the commercial services please click here or go to our Commercial page 



The college takes time off to leisure and relax various extra-curricula activities, among many, the ZCA Lima Soccer Team brings great pleasure to the locals, farmers, students and staff. Competing in the national top leagues, the team has come to be known country-wide and beyond and appreciated just as much... for details click here:

The ZCA Madala's Soccer Team comprises staff of the facaulty and adminstrative support staff  who time and again arrange for games with other teams and play for fun, leisure and relaxation. The team recently had a win against the Lima Stars Soccer Team!!! Wow!